How Do I Sell My Parents House After They Die

The death of a loved one can be challenging for the ones left behind. It’s never easy for any child who loves their parents to move on easily after their parents die. So when it comes to selling your parent’s home after their death, the process can be emotionally difficult especially if you grew up in that house as a child.

The task of selling your parent’s house can be difficult especially if they died without leaving a Will behind. However, the earlier you start taking action, the better. 

How Do I Sell My Parents House After They Die

Children can encourage their parents to write a Will while they’re alive. When there’s a Will, the process of taking care of your parent’s estate or property wouldn’t be as hard. A deceased person should include the names of individuals they want to handle their money and property in their will. These individuals would be the ones to take care of the estate and property according to the Will. 

Selling your parent’s home after their death doesn’t have to be difficult if it’s done the right way and by following professional advice.

Probate – what is it and how to get it?

If the deceased was the only owner of the property, then you need to get a grant of probate from the court before you go ahead to sell the property. A probate is a certificate you get from the court that confirms the originality of the will and the names of the people authorized to handle the property of the deceased. 

You can apply for probate yourself if you’re an executor, or you can employ a solicitor or a licensed person who can provide probate services. You can apply online for probate or post directly to your local probate registry. 

How Do I Sell My Parents House After They Die 2

Helpful Tip To Sell Your Parent’s House

Before you go on to sell your parent’s house, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Ensure that your parents have a valid Will. Also, the Will must be an updated one; it must be done by a lawyer. This will help to prevent problems for the family later in the future. 
  2. When selling your parent’s property, be ready to spend money because you’ll have to take care of decluttering and maintenance. 
  3. While you’re going about trying to find a buyer for your parent’s home, remember to keep the house secure by changing the locks. This will prevent burglars from breaking into the house and taking away valuables.
  4. Employ the service of a professional real estate agent to help you estimate the value of the property. Also, they can help you find an interested buyer fast.
  5. While this may be inconvenient for you, it’s better to make some renovations on your parent’s property if need be. It doesn’t have to be major renovations, just some little cosmetic fixes. It will help to increase the aesthetic appeal of your house and attract more buyers.


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