Selling the contents of your house can be challenging especially if you’re planning to sell your house. People want to sell their properties and belongings for different reasons. Whatever the reason, it won’t be easy to sell off some belongings that you’ve grown attached to over time. 

In this article, you’ll learn different ways you can sell the properties or belongings in your house.

How Do I Sell The Contents Of My House

How To Sell Your Properties 

The contents or properties you want to sell may include furniture, jewelry, ceramics, clocks, and collectibles. Before you go ahead to sell them, you first want to do some decluttering. Decluttering helps you identify items that are still important and of high monetary value. Now how do you get these items out of your house?

  • Donate them to family or friends

If you’re looking to remove certain properties from your house, you can as well donate them to your family or friends who may need them. You can choose to sell it to them if you want, however, note that they may not buy it at the market value price. More often than not, you may end up gifting the item to them.

  • Contact an auction house

You could also get in touch with an auction house if you have any property or item of high monetary value. You can sell your property for a good price at a reputable auction house. And the auction house can help you get your items in the faces of international clients who are interested in your item. You can take your items to the auction house for valuation if they’re not much but if they’re much, it’s better to invite an expert valuer to your home. 

  • Get Social

Most sellers underrate the efficiency of social media. You can sell your household items and belongings on social media without leaving the comfort of your home. 

On Facebook alone, there are over 800 million monthly users in different countries; with this amount of people online, you can sell your property within a short time. You can also leverage other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. If you have no idea how to use social media to sell, you can hire a social media marketer to handle this task for you. 

  • Go to a car boot sale

If you prefer selling your properties physically, you could try a car boot sale. Car boot sales are quite popular these days because you can shop and pay instantly for whatever catches your attention during the sale. Also, cars can move easily between locations, so it’s easier to find buyers for all kinds of items in a car boot sale.

How Do I Sell The Contents Of My House 2
  • eBay

There are over 182 million users on eBay all over the world. As a seller, you can sell anything on eBay, ranging from clothes, vacuum cleaners to makeup. On eBay, you can control the sale of your items from your home.


You may want to sell your belongings or properties for reasons best known to you. Different effective ways to sell your belongings have been explored in this article; you can try whichever one best suits you. Alternatively, if you want to sell your house fast Austin, you can contact us at Austin All Cash. We’re a reliable cash house buyer and we can buy your house alongside your property.

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