Radon may not be visible, but it can be found in one out of 15 homes. It is a colorless, silent, and odorless gas that hurts human health such as cancer. 

This gas can be found in homes across the country and the only way to know if your home has radon is by carrying out a test. But is radon testing compulsory to sell a house? Continue reading to learn more!

Is Radon Testing Actually Required to Sell a House

Is Radon Testing Compulsory In Your House

Since radon is invisible, the only way to know if it’s in your house is by testing; and this process shouldn’t be overlooked considering the negative effect it has on human health. 

According to the EPA, you should test your house for Radon at least every two years or when you want to sell your home. If the radon test level shows 4 pCi/L (that’s picocuries per liter of air), it means there’s a problem. 

Radon dissolves into small radioactive particles in the atmosphere and when people inhale these particles, it can cause damage in their cells. One of the risks of inhaling radon is cancer and the risk increases with higher levels of radon exposure. That’s why it’s essential to carry out radon testing to determine the levels of radon gas in your home. 

How Does Radon Testing Work?

Now that you know the importance of carrying out a radon test in your home, it’s time to know how radon tests work. A test is placed about 20 inches above ground level in the least lived-in level in your home and left there for some time. Levels could change so it’s essential to measure levels over time.

You can do the radon test yourself or you could hire a professional. You could either try a long-term test that checks for radon in your home over 90 days. Or you may try two short terms that can be done in a few days. 

If the test result level shows 4 pCi/L, you may need to carry out radon mitigation services to improve the situation. Radon mitigation systems can reduce the level of radon in the home to a safer range though it doesn’t come at a cheap price.

So, Is Radon Testing Compulsory To Sell A Home?

High radon levels in the home can discourage a potential buyer from going ahead with purchasing the house. Many buyers do not want to cover the cost of mitigation, coupled with the fact that mitigation can be expensive. Homeowners are expected to show the buyers the result of radon testing in their home and according to the EPA, homes should be tested for radon during inspection.

Is Radon Testing Actually Required to Sell a House 2


No buyer will knowingly or consciously purchase a home with a high risk of cancer. It’s either they don’t proceed with the transaction or they reduce their offer so they can be able to afford mitigation. However, you can count on a cash house buyer to buy your house in any condition including houses with radon. 

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