There are different reasons for selling a house, but majorly, people sell their houses to make extra profit. However, some sellers still choose to sell their houses below market value and this could happen for different reasons.

For instance, they may want to relocate and need to sell the house as fast as they can. In order to find a fast buyer, they may decide to sell the house below market value. Or the seller may decide to sell it because the house needs renovations and repairs in places they cannot afford.

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Selling your house below market value is possible however, there are advantages and disadvantages and considerations to this and it all depends on why the seller wants to sell their house below market value.

Reasons Why Sellers Sell Below Market Value

  • Competition

Pricing your property can put you under pressure because you’re trying to find a way whereby you can make your profit and still outperform your competitors. In a case like this, you may decide to underprice your home just so accelerate the process of selling your home.

  • Disposal

Most sellers sell their houses at distress price because they want to dispose of their property. These set of people are usually people who want to relocate, get rid of the house or dealing with a financial crisis. In cases like this, sellers don’t really care about the profit, they just want to sell their house and get it over with.

  • Undesirable property performance

When seller puts their house up for sale, but they’re not getting any calls or messages from interested buyers, they may decide to reduce the price so that buyers can show interest. Though, they may sell the house below market value yet, they got what they wanted which is getting their house off the market.

  • For the family

If you want to sell your house to a relative or your immediate family members, then it’s very possible that you sell it to them below market price. Selling your house below market value is legal yet it comes with its own consequences.

You can still complete the closing of your home even though you’re selling it below market price and that only way to do this is to involve a reliable real estate agent in the transaction. There are different options that suits your situation, you just have to find the right real estate agent to work with you.

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