One of the biggest fears of every homeowner is discovering that their house has lead paint. Selling a house with lead paint can prove difficult due to the health hazards of living in a house with lead paint. Lead paints can indeed have health threats on the occupants of a house but this shouldn’t dissuade you from trying to sell your house. If you find the right buyers for your home like Austin House Buyers, then you can sell your house with lead paints easily without any hassle.

In this article, you’ll learn what you need to know about selling a house with lead paints.

can I sell house with lead based paint

How Dangerous Is Lead Paint?

If your house was built before the 1970s there’s a high chance that it was painted with lead paint. Lead paints have been used all over the world since the 1800s however scientists discovered in the early 20th century that lead-based paints are a threat to health. Hence, European countries banned the use of lead paint for the interior of any building. Lead paint causes lead poisoning which can be dangerous for children below the age of six. 

It’s sad to say that these days, most real estate agents these days are less concerned about the health hazard of lead paints and are more concerned with how lead paints reduce the aesthetic appeal of the house. However, as a homeowner, if you’re concerned about the safety of your pets and children, it’s better to cover the lead paint in your home with suitable paint before you sell it.

Can Lead Paint Reduce The Value Of My House When I Sell It?

If you’re sure that your house contains lead paint, then it can affect the value of your house. Buyers that are aware of the dangers of lead paints would hesitate to pay the asking price since they may have to repaint the entire building when they buy the house.

Also, If your home has any sign of lead paint, it means it was built before lead paints were banned in the 1970s. This means your house is old and would require renovations and repairs in some areas. The buyer would also consider the cost of renovation which will affect the value of your house. These factors make up how lead paints can devalue your house when you want to sell it. 

Can I Sell a House With Lead Paint

Before you sell a house with lead paint, you’re legally required to disclose the condition of your house to your potential buyer. You’ll need to fill out a disclosure form which requires if you’re aware of any lead paint in your house. 

In case you’re wondering if you must remove lead paint before you sell, the fact is you’re not required by law to remove lead paint from your house before selling it. The process of removing lead paint can consume your time and resources. The decision of repainting your house before you sell is solely yours to make because that’s the best solution recommended by most experts. So, yes, you can sell your house with lead paints if you’re able to find the right buyer.

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