Selling a house with structural problems may not be as easy as selling a house without structural problems. Structural problems are enough reason to reduce the value of your home and limit the number of interested buyers in your home. 

But selling a house with structural problems is not impossible as there are different options for selling your home. And before you list your home for sale, you need to make arrangements on how you want to make repairs and renovations. 

This article will explain how to sell a home with structural issues. Continue reading to learn more:

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How Does Foundation Damage Affect the Sale of a House? 

No buyer will be pleased by the sight of a leaking pipe or a faulty foundation. There’s a high tendency for you to lose an interested buyer anytime they learn of the condition of your home. Your buyer will always know because you’re bound by law to disclose all damage and defects in the home to the buyer.

During the mandatory home inspection, every damage and defect in the home will be addressed and the result will affect the value of your home negatively. You have no option but to disclose this information to your buyer before you close the sale. Otherwise, legal actions can be taken against you when it is eventually discovered even after the home has been sold.

Also, mortgage lenders will deny the buyers financing even if the buyer is still interested because of the structural problem. Structural problems are a valid reason for mortgage lenders to deny a buyer’s loan request.

How to Sell a House Fast with Structural Problems

By now, it’s obvious that houses with structural problems can be a challenge and may affect and slow down the process of selling your home. If you’re going to sell a house with structural damage, you have few options. 

You first need to identify what the problems are in the house and get a quote for it. Then when buyers come to make inquiries about your house, you give them the quote as everything they need to know that needs repairs in the house. They’ll be informed about all they need to know about the house and determine if they should proceed with the sale. 

Or, you could try to fix the damage on your own and request the involvement of your insurance company. If either of these options doesn’t sit well with you, you can consider the last option of selling to a cash house buyer. A cash house buyer would buy your house in any condition and close the sale fast. 

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