Selling your house before foreclosure may not be the plan you have for yourself, but circumstances happen that cause you to make the best decision for yourself. As a homeowner who is unable to keep up with mortgage payments, selling your house before foreclosure seems like the best option available. 

How Will I Benefit If I Sell My Home?

If you ever get to the point of foreclosure, then selling your home to an Austin House Buyer might be the best thing to do. By selling your house before foreclosure, you’re able to save your credit history. And you may be able to make enough profit from the sale of your house to cover your mortgage debt.

How to Sell Your House Fast Before Foreclosure

If you’re going to sell your house before foreclosure then you had better do it fast before the bank or mortgage lender forecloses your home. To sell your house fast, you need to research how homes are sold in your area. When you know how houses are sold in your neighborhood and at what price, you’ll get a better idea of how to sell your home at the best price. 

But you must be able to find a balance. Since you’re looking to sell your house fast before foreclosure, you shouldn’t be focused on selling your house at the highest price. Instead, you should list your house at a price lower than other houses like yours in the area. 

Also, no guarantee listing your home can get your house sold fast before foreclosure. The best way to sell your house is to sell to a reliable cash house buyer like Austin All Cash. 

Since you’re getting closer to foreclosure, you don’t want to waste your time and resources dealing with the stress of staging your home and listing it in the market, looking for the right buyers. 

There’s No Time To Waste When You’re Facing Foreclosure 

Banks or mortgage companies cannot foreclose your home until you’re 120 days past your repayment period. This means you don’t have much time to sell your house traditionally. By working with a cash house buyer, you can sell your house on the same day you accept their offer. A cash house buyer can close the sale of your house within 7 days and even allow you to rent back the home while you find another place to live.


Working with a reliable cash house buyer is your only way to sell your house fast before foreclosure. At Austin All Cash, we save you the time and stress that comes with selling your house through a traditional realtor. We buy your house with our money without depending on loans. Also, working with us means you don’t have to pay commissions, closing costs, or renovation fees. 

We aim to help homeowners who are looking to avoid foreclosure and get their houses sold. We want to help you sell your house and repay your mortgage loan without affecting your credit history. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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