Market seasonality is a thing because there are seasons when you experience fast sales and seasons when you experience slow sales. Some say the best time to sell a house is the summer, some say the fall and some say the winter.

Each of these speculations can be true but we’re in a digital age where the real estate business has undergone some significant changes. The internet has given buyers access to online real estate listings 24/7 which makes it difficult to predict when is the best time to sell a house.

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Should You List Your House in the Spring?

Spring is a good time of the year to sell a house. Spring is usually anticipated after the long winter and people feel energized to go house hunting during this period.

The weather plays a significant role in determining the best time to sell a house. Houses in suburban areas look their best in their blooming lawns and landscaping. In urban areas, curb appeal may not matter as much as it would in suburban areas.

Another important thing to consider is the school calendar. If you’re selling a spacious house with many rooms, located in a school area, you’re bound to sell your house fast during spring. Because most families are looking to settle in before the school year starts. Since it takes a long time to close the sale of a house, listing your home in spring will give you enough time to sell your home before the school year starts.

Should You List Your House in the Summer?

You may expect that there may be a decline in house sales during the summer because summertime is usually longer than other seasons in the year. However, summer can also be a good time to sell a house. Take for instance families looking to settle down before the start of a new year will be willing to buy houses fast during this period.

Furthermore, houses listed during the summer will price lower than houses listed during spring. So, home buyers will be on the lookout for new listings. Also, the long days of the summer make it convenient for showings.

Should You List Your House in the Fall?

Listing your house in the fall can be complicated but it makes sense to list your home in the fall when the weather is still nice. This is also the best time for families looking to settle down before the new year to look for houses.

However, fall may only be good for buyers and bad for sellers because buyers have lots of options from listings from earlier in the year. This means you may have to reduce your asking price if you want to find a buyer in the fall.

Should You List Your House in Winter?

Different factors are important in deciding the best time to sell a house. As much as the weather is important, so is the location. Winters in the North and Northeast can hinder showings.

However, these days, there can be virtual showings and buyers can view the house they want to buy from the comfort of their home.

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It’s almost impossible to decide the best time to sell your house. Rest assured, you’ll sell your house if you follow the requirements, and set the right asking price for your home.

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